Ros Kavanagh.

<i>Poustinias,</i> Architects Bates Maher

Poustinias, Architects Bates Maher

<i>Curse of the Starving Class,</i> Abbey Theatre.

Curse of the Starving Class, Abbey Theatre.

<i>Portmarnock House,</i> Bone O'Donnell Architects

Portmarnock House, Bone O'Donnell Architects

<i>The Lookout,</i> Brian O'Doherty

The Lookout, Brian O'Doherty

<i>Carousel,</i> Brian Hand

Carousel, Brian Hand

<i>Interior,</i> Donaghy and Dimond Architects

Interior, Donaghy and Dimond Architects

<i>Faun,</i> Coisceim Dance Theatre

Faun, Coisceim Dance Theatre

<i>Grand Canal Theatre,</i> Daniel Libeskind Architects

Grand Canal Theatre, Daniel Libeskind Architects

<i>Mimetic House,</i> Dominic Stevens Architect

Mimetic House, Dominic Stevens Architect

<i>New Headquarters,</i> HKR Architects

New Headquarters, HKR Architects

<i>Maytree House,</i> ODOS Architects

Maytree House, ODOS Architects

<i>Wexford Opera House,</i> OPW and Keith Williams Architects

Wexford Opera House, OPW and Keith Williams Architects

<i>Plant,</i> Douglas Mooney

Plant, Douglas Mooney

<i>Unbroken Line,</i> Michael Warren

Unbroken Line, Michael Warren

<i>Living Bridge,</i> Wilkinson Eyre Architects

Living Bridge, Wilkinson Eyre Architects

<i>Trinity Long Room Hub,</i> McCullough Mulvin Architects.

Trinity Long Room Hub, McCullough Mulvin Architects.

<i>Futures 2011,</i> RHA Galleries.

Futures 2011, RHA Galleries.

<i>Scoil Mhuire Ogh,</i> Mary Laheen Architects.

Scoil Mhuire Ogh, Mary Laheen Architects.

<i>Dogs,</i> Emma Martin Dance.

Dogs, Emma Martin Dance.

<i>Offices Drumshambo,</i> Office of Public Works

Offices Drumshambo, Office of Public Works

<i>We built this city,</i> Dennis McNulty

We built this city, Dennis McNulty

<i>Translations,</i> Abbey Theatre.

Translations, Abbey Theatre.

<i>Solstice Arts Centre,</i> Grafton Architects

Solstice Arts Centre, Grafton Architects

<i>Brookfield,</i> Hassett Ducatez Architects

Brookfield, Hassett Ducatez Architects

<i>Multipurpose Hall,</i> DTA Architects

Multipurpose Hall, DTA Architects

<i>Everyone is King Lear in his own home,</i> Pan Pan Theatre.

Everyone is King Lear in his own home, Pan Pan Theatre.

<i>The Plough and the Stars,</i> Abbey Theatre.

The Plough and the Stars, Abbey Theatre.

<i>The Picture of Dorian Gray,</i> Abbey Theatre.

The Picture of Dorian Gray, Abbey Theatre.

<i>Pygmalion,</i> Abbey Theatre.

Pygmalion, Abbey Theatre.

<i>Rian,</i> Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre.

Rian, Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre.

<i>Hamlet,</i> Second Age Theatre.

Hamlet, Second Age Theatre.

<i>Flow,</i> Dublin Docklands Development Authority

Flow, Dublin Docklands Development Authority